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Consulting with Purpose:

As your private advocate I will  ensure  your child with special needs obtains all that is entitled to them to be successful in school!

My name is Per Thomas and I have been in education serving students with Special Education needs for over 30 years. Along with having a Master’s Degree in Special Education, I have a heart and passion to collaborate with families and schools in the best interest of the child.


As your student's advocate, I will make sure the following principles are implemented:

  • Students with exceptional needs deserve to be provided with an education that adequately meets their needs.

  • Family Involvement and support is critical to the development and success of students with exceptional needs.

  • All students are capable of learning and experiencing success, no matter what obstacles they encounter.


My background and life experiences have lead me on this journey as a Special Education Advocate, hence the name of my company, "The SPEDAdvocate". I’m excited to partner with families and schools to ensure that the needs of special education students are met consistently. I invite you to join me on this journey!

 Currently serving the following counties:

  • Davidson

  • Macon

  • Sumner

  • Robertson

  • Rutherford

  • Wilson

  • Williamson

*For a free consultation to assess how I can meet your child's needs call 615-337-6810 or send me an email to


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